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Going the extra mile to reduce waste at our reef rescuers project

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Camila and Athina carefully clean the old jerry cans Camila and Athina carefully clean the old jerry cans

The only way to show that you care a great deal about someting is through action. We take the extreme pollution of our oceans seriously. What better way to demonstrate this but through simple Do-It-Yourself projects that upcycle items.

At Felicite Island, where we are carrying out a reef restoration project, our reef rescuers team have found ways to turn jerry cans into something useful.

The team of Camilla and Athina are working on the coral reef project at Felicite Island within Coco Island National Park. It is a collaboration between Nature Seychelles and the 5-star resort Six Senses Zil Pasyon.

On this private island we have a coral nursery with 1826 coral fragments, which have now become beautiful colonies. The fragments are growing beyond expectations, a very good sign of things to come.

The coral nursery is made up of ropes, PVC pipes, angle bars, jerry cans and most importantly the fragments themselves.

rope nursery j cans

It has to be regularly maintained and sometimes parts have to be replaced.

This week it was old jerry cans on the nursery that had seen some life underwater that needed replacement.

Jerry cans are used as floating devices on the nursery to stabilize the nursery underwater. The Jerry cans are used in the nursery are from the Resort’s kitchen and they are already on their second life.

However, because they are fairly resilient and flexible, a third life is not out of the question.

repurposed jerry cans

And so Camilla and Athina re-furbished them into ash trays for use at the resort instead of throwing them away.

They washed them, removed algae, then cut them into half and filled them with sand for use as ash trays.

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