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Today in Seychelles: Overfishing a looming concern

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Nature Seychelles' Chief Executive Dr. Nirmal Shah has said that overfishing in Seychelles is a "serious problem" and that "political and social will have to be mobilized quickly" to address it.

In an article appearing in the Today in Seychelles on Monday 3 February 2020, the newspaper which is continuing its coverage of the overfishing problem, the Nature Seychelles' Chief Executive said that many demersal species prized by Seychellois are being overfished. "This hasn't come from nowhere. More than a decade ago Seychelles Fishing Authority fisheries scientists warned the government that Bourzwa is in danger. The reason is one hundred percent overcapacity in the artisanal fishing fleet because of concessions and subsidies. Plus, we don't know how many hundreds of so-called fishers there are, plus the sports fishing that may go after the same species. The root cause is what experts call open-access fisheries. The fish is free and belongs to everyone," Shah told Today.

He added that the end result of the root and proximate causes is too many boats going after too few fish. "This is a classic textbook problem and not unique to Seychelles. This is a serious problem, and political and social will have to be mobilized quickly," he said.

Dr. Shah has recently also raised the alarm on the overfishing of yellowfin tuna, a species that is under a quota regime established by the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC), by Spanish fishing companies. Dr. Shah produced an in-depth report detailing the overfishing, where he outlined that for 2018 two different catch totals were provided for Spain's 2018 yellowfin catch. 

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