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Happily growing super corals

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Good news for the reefs of Seychelles! Over 1,000 super coral nubbins are happily growing in the Reef Rescuer coral nursery.

After the deadly impacts of the 2016 mass-bleaching event, many corals have died around the Seychelles. However, Nature Seychelles is not giving up and is determined to kick-start recovery of Seychelles reefs! From the end of August, our team has been diving hard to find naturally dislodged corals and fragments that could be re-fragmented into 8cm fragments and reared in the nursery. These fragments will grow in optimal conditions for about a year so they reach suitable size for transplantation. This way, we multiply the survivors of the bleaching event and give them a chance to find a new place on the reef. We then predict these super corals will produce offspring that will be more resistant to future bleaching events.  

Louise Malaisé - Technical & Scientific Officer, Reef Rescuers Project


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