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The Blue Economy Knowledge Center will bring together best practices and knowledge


The centre will assist in building the content of the Seychelles Blue Economy model


The Knowledge Centre is located at the Centre for Environment and Education in Roche Caiman

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Field Journal

Getting rid of the Sharp and Slimey

Getting rid of the Sharp and Slimey

Doing population controls of coral predators to assist recov…

What is scarring and sheeting and why is it important in a coral nursery?

What is scarring and sheeting and why is…

Scarring and sheeting of nursery grown corals are among the …

Happily growing super corals

Happily growing super corals

Good news for the reefs of Seychelles! Over 1,000 super cora…

Some pretty tough corals!

Some pretty tough corals!

After the devastating effects of the recent bleaching event …


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Blue Economy Knowledge Center

The Center for Environment & Education

P.O.Box 1310, Victoria, Seychelles.

Phone: +(248) 460-1100

Email: blueeconomy@seychelles.net